Sneakpick Flash Sale

A Flash Sale, i.e. a sales campaign with a time limit is one of the most interesting and dominating trends in e-commerce. Some stores and sales platforms base their activities on time-limited campaigns. What are the key advantages of this format of sales?

Flash Sale is mainly a great idea for increasing sales. This model also allows to conduct a preliminary market analysis in order to find out whether your product will become popular.

The Flash Sale feature offered in Sneakpick allows to prepare a campaign based on three stages which will decide upon the campaign’s success:

  1. Collecting signups and e-mail addresses prior to the start of a campaign – this allows to find out the number of people interested in your product/service already at the initial stage. This will also enable to create a valuable mailing list of people who are interested in your business and your products.
  2. A proper sales campaign with a predetermined time limit. This can also be a special offer period when the client has a chance of purchasing your product for a lower price.
  3. Collecting signups and e-mail addresses after completing the campaign. Besides expanding the list of people interested in your product and the possibility of notifying them when a new campaign or a similar campaign starts, this aspect has one more important function. It allows to obtain feedback and opinions of clients and people interested. In your products. This can be helpful when preparing another campaign.

How to create a campaign using Flash Sale?

Creating a Flash Sale campaign using Sneakpick is very simple. After logging in and creating a product, select the “enable sale” option in the “Flash Sale” tab. The next step is to determine the timeframe for the planned campaign. You can also specify an additional discounted price offer for the duration of the campaign.

Sneakpick - Flash Sale

In order to start getting signups of people interested in the campaign and your product, it is required to connect MailChimp and select the appropriate mailing list. To ensure better segmentation, it would be worth using a separate list for signups made before and after the campaign is launched.

Sneakpick Flash Sale - MailChimp

After the correctly completed configuration, you can preview the widget for each of the three stages of the configured Flash Sale campaign. And you’re all set! Enjoy successful campaigns and large sales!