Privacy Policy

General Terms and Conditions

  1. This Privacy Policy determines the principles for collecting, processing and using personal data obtained through the application, hereinafter referred to as “Sneakpick”. To avoid any doubts, Administrator hereby indicates that this Privacy Policy and Sneakpick are only directed to Users who are entrepreneurs (they are not directed to consumers).
  2. Administrator of personal data collected through Sneakpick is INDIE DESIGNERS SPÓŁKA Z OGRANICZONĄ ODPOWIEDZIALNOŚCIĄ with its seat in Kraków (seat address and address for deliveries: ul. Braci Czeczów 22/44, 30-798 Kraków); entered in the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register under the number KRS 0000544383; the Registry Court at which the company’s registry documentation is kept: the District Court for Kraków-Śródmieście in Kraków, 11th Commercial Division of the National Court Register; share capital in the amount of: PLN 200,000; Tax ID number (NIP): 6793108303; REGON statistical number: 360815520; e-mail address:, hereinafter referred to as the “Administrator” and, at the same time, the provider of Sneakpick.
  3. User’s personal data is processed in compliance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Data of 29 August 1997 Journal of Laws Dz. U. No. 133, item 883 as amended) and the Act on Providing Services by Electronic Means of 18 July 2002 Journal of Laws Dz. U. No. 144, item 1204 as amended).
  4. Administrator pays particular care to the protection of the interest of people whom the data concerns and Administrator assures that the data it collects is processed in compliance with the law, it is collected for particular, legal purposes and it is not processed any further for any other purposes, and that the data is substantively correct and adequate to the purposes for which it is processed and Administrator stores it in a form which enables the identification of persons, whom it concerns, no longer than it is required to achieve the objective of processing.
  5. All words, expressions and acronyms on this webpage starting with a capital letter (e.g. User, Administrator, Sneakpick) should be understood in compliance with their definition included in the Terms and Conditions for the Sneakpick application available at:

The Purpose and Scope of Collected Data

  1. The purpose for which Administrator collects personal data is the following:
    • Establishing, shaping contents, changing, executing or terminating a contractual relationship between Administrator and User consisting in the provision of Services by Electronic Means through the Sneakpick application.
    • Direct marketing of Administrator’s own products or services.
  2. Administrator processes the following personal data of Users: name and surname; e-mail address; telephone number; address (street, house, premises, postal code, city, country) and, additionally, the company’s business name and Tax ID number (NIP).
  3. The provision of personal data mentioned in p. 2 is required for the Sneakpick Administrator to provide services. Each time the scope of required data is also shown in Terms and Conditions for Sneakpick and before starting the provision of a certain Service by Electronic Means or before a conclusion of a contract through Sneakpick.

Cookies and Usage Data

  1. Cookies are small text files sent by the server and saved on the side of User visiting the Sneakpick application’s website (e.g. on the hard drive in User’s computer, laptop or in the memory of User’s smartphone—depending on the device User uses to visit the Sneakpick application’s website). Detailed information about Cookies and their origin can be found, for instance, at:
  2. Administrator processes data included in Cookies during the use of the Sneakpick application website by visitors for the following purposes:
    • Remembering Products added to the basket for the purpose of placing an Order;
    • Keeping anonymous statistics showing the way the Sneakpick application’s website is used and to analyse User’s needs without any personal identification of Clients.
    • Most web browsers available on the market accept Cookies by default. Everyone may determine the terms for using Cookies by adjusting the settings of one’s own web browser. This means that the possibility to save Cookies on your computer may be partially limited (for instance for a period of time) or entirely blocked. The latter may affect some of Sneakpick’s functionalities (for instance it may be impossible to complete an Order through the Order Form).
    • Web browser settings concerning Cookies are important from the point of view of a consent to Sneakpick using Cookies—pursuant to the regulations such a consent may also be expressed by adjusting web browser settings.
    • Detailed information on the subject of change of settings concerning Cookies and their removal in the most popular web browsers is available in the help section of each web browser and on the following websites (you only need to click on the selected hyperlink):for Chrome browser
      for Firefox browser
      for Internet Explorer browser
      for Opera browser
      for Safari browser
  3. Administrator also processes anonymous use data (the so-called logs including the IP address and domain) to generate statistics which are helpful for managing Sneakpick. The data is collective and anonymous, i.e. it does not bear any features allowing to identify persons visiting the Sneakpick website. Logs are not made available to third parties.

The Basis For Data Processing

  1. User provides his or her data voluntarily, however not providing personal data indicated in the Terms and Conditions which is required to conclude a contract for the provision of Services by Electronic Means results in a refusal to conclude such a contract. Data required to conclude a contract for the provision of Services by Electronic Means is also indicated each time on Sneakpick’s website.
  2. The basis for the processing of User’s personal data is the need to execute the contract to which User is a party or executing certain actions at User’s request before concluding the contract. In the case of processing data for the purpose of direct marketing of Administrator’s own products or services, the basis for such processing is User’s consent.

The Right To Control, Access Own Data and Amend It

  1. User may access his or her personal data and amend it.
  2. Each person has the right to control the processing of personal data which concerns that person and is included in Administrator’s database of personal data. The right concerns the following in particular: demanding a supplementation, updating, amending personal data, ceasing the processing of that data temporarily or permanently, or removing it if it is incomplete, out-of-date, untrue or was collected in violation of the Act, or it became unnecessary for the purpose of execution of the objective for which it was collected.
  3. In the case of processing data for the purpose of direct marketing of Administrator’s own products or services, the person whom the data concerns is also authorised to submit a written and motivated request to stop processing his or her data due to a particular situation and to object to the processing of his or her data.
  4. In order to exercise the rights mentioned above a relevant message can be sent by e-mail to the following address: or in writing to Administrator’s address.

Final Provisions

  1. Sneakpick may contain hyperlinks to other websites. Administrator encourages you to acquaint yourself with the privacy policy of those websites upon visiting them. This Privacy Policy solely concerns the Sneakpick application’s website.
  2. Administrator employs technical and organisational measures to ensure the protection of processed personal data which is appropriate with regard to risks and categories of data under protection, in particular it protects it against unauthorised access by third parties or against unauthorised persons taking it, and it protects the data from processing it in violation of binding regulations and any change, loss, damage or destruction of that data.
  3. Administrator makes the following technical measures available to prevent the access and modification by third parties of personal data sent electronically:
    • A protection of the personal data database from unauthorised access, including an SSL certificate.